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Ben Brody is an American documentary photographer who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003, both as a soldier and as a civilian. He has been an observer of evolving military culture and doctrine, and how it reflects the changing American character and political identity. His photography highlights the forlorn story of the absurdity, alienation, and unintended consequences of modern war.
Edward Burtynsky’s photography explores the topographical landscape as it has been irrevocably altered by large-scale industrial incursions that feed the world’s appetite for material goods. Burtynsky finds both attraction and repulsion in his depictions of mining, manufacturing, consumption, waste disposal and recycling. Rather than simply decry the human scarring of the land, he acknowledges the conflict between the human need for economic growth and the value of protecting our fragile ecosystem. The photographs in this exhibition show the terrible beauty of landscapes that have been altered by human industry.  

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