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I. Covenants, Laws, Legal and Land Records

II. Financial Records

III. Membership Records

IV. Correspondence

V. Diaries and Journals

VI. Testimonies and Biographies

VII. Addresses, Sermons, Essays, Other Writings

VIII. Inspired Writings

IX. Music

X. Poetry

XI. Recipes and Prescriptions

XII School Books and Instructional Texts

XIII. Scrapbooks

XIV. Miscellaneous

XV. Non-manuscript Materials


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Access: The availability of, or the permission to consult archival holdings.

Collection: An artificial accumulation of documents created or assembled by an Archive, reflecting particular subjects or formats.

Dates : Dates appearing in the guide are the outside range of dates identified in the records. They do not indicate the period of tenure or the life span of the creator of the records.

Document: A single record or manuscript item.

Item: Individual documents.

Linear Feet: The approximate measurement of shelf space occupied by the manuscripts.

Series: A group of records kept together as a unit because they are related to a particular subject or activity.

Subseries: A further breaking down of the series based on creator or on physical type of record.

Volume: A number of individual documents that are physically bound together.

PREPARERS NOTE back to top

This guide was written primarily for two purposes. The first was to provide researchers and museum staff with easier access to the Fruitlands Museums Shaker Manuscript Collection. The intent was to create a document that would allow researchers an overview of the materials in the manuscript collection and aid them in their search for specific materials. The second purpose was to better document the Shaker manuscript collection for the Museums and to arrange the manuscripts in a way that would allow easier access to the materials. Clara Endicott Sears began collecting Shaker manuscript materials with the closing of the Harvard Shaker community in 1918. After Miss Sears' death in 1960 the Museums have continued to collect Shaker Manuscripts which relate to the Harvard and Shirley communities. Presently the manuscript collection occupies approximately 18 linear feet. Access to the collection is for the most part unrestricted although there are a few items for which microfilm use is preferred due to their poor condition. Requests to 'publish from any of these materials should be discussed with the Fruitlands Museums curator. The format of the guide is based on the Western Reserve Historical Society's Guide to the Shaker Collection. This guide would not have been possible without the aid and labor of many individuals. Of particular note are Pam Smith who cataloged a large number of the Shaker Manuscripts and of course Maggie Stier whose knowledge helped identify individuals and communities, and provided much needed information. Since the museum continues to acquire Shaker manuscript materials this guide is subject to frequent revision. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions are welcome.

Jennifer Monaghan February 24, 1993


The format of this guide is based on the Western Reserve Historical Collections Guide to the Shaker Manuscript Collection. For those familiar with this publication the only exceptions or alterations to the format can be found in the Music and Inspired Writings series.

The Shaker manuscript collection has been arranged into fourteen series according to the type of document. Each series is further broken down into subseries entitled "Items" and "Volumes". Under each of these subseries manuscript materials are arranged chronologically according to the Shaker community of origin. Community of origin was determined by anyone of three criteria. These were: (1) The community in which the item was first written. (2) The community in which the writer resided or with which he/she was chiefly associated. (3) In cases where there was no indication where an item was created or the writer was unknown an educated guess representing the most appropriate community with which the item was associated was used. In cases where none of these criteria helped designate a community of origin the heading "unidentified community" was added at the end of the series. Under each subseries, the communities of origin are arranged alphabetically. And under each community of origin there is a description of the material SI dates and under some series number of items.

Descriptions of individual items and volumes are brief by necessity. However every attempt has been made to note individuals who created the material and events of import.

Some additional notes on specific series are also necessary:

Correspondence: The Correspondence series is divided into volumes and items. Items consist of individual letters copies of letters incomplete letters and fragments. When letters are headed with the names of nearby towns or cities they have been placed under the nearest Shaker community. If no name of community or city appears the letter has been filed under the community with which the writer is associated. Letters written by non-Shakers are filed under the community to which they were addressed. Some letters overlap with other series in the collection such as financial records poetry I etc. (This is true in other series as well.) Every attempt has been made to cross-reference these materials under the alternate series.

Music: The music series consists solely of volumes. These consist of both hymnals and volumes of music theory. Community of origin has been noted whenever possible. The Fruitlands identification number has been included in the description to aid in location of a particular volume. Also included for researchers who may use Daniel Patterson's "Checklist of Shaker Song Manuscripts" is the Patterson number. Other information noted under volume descriptions: If the volume contains musical notation, if the volume contains lyrics/words, if the volume contains a song title index. Often writers/ creators attempted to include the composer of the song or the community where the song originated. This has also been noted in the description using the terms not noted, rarely noted, occasionally, regularly, often. (Researchers interested in the community or origin, and the composers should ask to consult the catalog worksheets for the music manuscript materials.)

I. Covenants, Laws, Legal and Land Records back to top

A. ITEMS: Dates range from 1781 to 1853. The bulk of the material consists of land deeds. There is a copy of the 1788 Covenant and one membership covenant.

Enfield, CT: A membership covenant written by Margaret Brooks.

1846 (1 item)

Harvard: The bulk of the material consists of land deeds. There is also Thomas Hammond's transcription of Esquire Farley's opinion on deeds.

1770-1779 (1 item); 1780-1789 (4 items); 1790-1799 (4 items)

1800-1805 (1 item); 1820-1829 (1 item); 1850-1859 (1 item)

Lebanon: One item consisting of a handwritten copy of the 1788 Covenant.

1788 (1 item)

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1791 to 1860.

Harvard: The bulk of the material consists of Covenants.

1797 -1908 Book of Records.- Consists of covenants from 1797, 1801, 1814, and 1831. There are also seven pages of deeds and there is a listing of the ministry, elders, trustees, and deacons. (1.8)

1791 -1801 Book of Covenants. Six sheets with two versions in a cardboard binding. Covenants dating 1791, 1793, 1797, and 1801. (1.9)

Lebanon: The Millennial Laws of 1860 with penciled revisions. Probably used in the Harvard-Shirley Bishopric. (9.2)


A. ITEMS: Dates range from 1835 to 1903. The bulk of the material is from the Alfred, Maine community and consists of correspondence orders addressed to Nathan Freeman.

Alfred: Consists primarily of correspondence relating to orders for brooms, spinning wheels, and cider. Also, some correspondence relating to the purchase of materials used in the community's industries.

1835-1840 {2 items); 1841-1845 (3 items); 1846-1850 (1 item)

Harvard: A receipt for pasture rental witnessed by Bliss Goss and Annie Walker dated 1903.

1903 (1 item)

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1790 to 1908. The bulk of the material is financial records from the Shirley community. There are also account books from the Harvard community and one from the Mount Lebanon community.

Harvard: These record books cover dates from 1799 to 1888. They consist of an herb record book, a book of accounts kept by Aaron Jewitt and Seth Babbit, and a book of cash disbursements and receipts kept by Thomas Hammond.

1799-1851 Account book kept by Aaron Jewitt and Seth Babbitt. (4.4)

1825-1836 Account book kept by Thomas Hammond. Included are details of a loan to Point Bay Ohio. (31.1)

1879-1888 Herb record book with sales to various commercial companies. (4.1)

Shirley: Account books range in date from 1790 to 1908. They cover such subjects as disbursement and receipt of cash, leather and shoe accounts, and the garden seed industry. (See v. Shirley, 1871-1881 Daybook.)

1790-1840 Account Book. (Includes an index of accounts.) (8.1)

1809-1863 Account book. Many of the accounts pertain to the shoe and leather industry. (8.2)

1810-1817 Account book for garden seed industry kept by Oliver Burt. Includes seeds put up by year, sales, returns, and lists of salespeople, amounts purchased, and towns and states. (31.4)

1815-1835 Account book. Accounts are arranged in chronological order. The volume also includes the names of Church members from 1793-1800. (8.3)

1826-1846 Account book which records income and expenditures. (31.2)

1903-1908 Account book. Expenses and receipts. (8.4)

Mount Lebanon: Dates range from 1872 to 1894.

1872-1894 Account book of work performed by the sisters in the Church. Also noted is the sale work performed by the sisters in the First Order. (6.3)


A. ITEMS: See membership covenants in Series I and the 1815- 1835 Account Book under Shirley in Series II. Also note the Harvard Book of Records under Volumes in Series land the Harvard Journal and Manifest Record, 1791-1806 under Series V.

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1791 to 1918. All the material originated from either the Harvard or Shirley communities.

Harvard: Membership list.

1791-1918 Membership list of most of the individuals who lived in the Harvard Society, their date and place of birth, date of admittance, and their date of decease. Thomas Hammond recorded the material dating from 1791 to 1835. (1.1, 1.2 typescript)


1858-1891 Meals and Lodging Record of the Shirley community. (7.4)


A. ITEMS: Dates range from 1827 to 1955. The collection contains correspondence from a variety of communities and individuals. These include Mount Lebanon, Shirley, Harvard, Canterbury, Watervliet, and Sabbathday Lake.

Canterbury: Letters written by Florence Phelps to Miss Sears. Florence Phelps was a former member of the Canterbury community. Letters date 1929, and 1955.

1929 (2 items); 1955 (1 item)

Harvard: These items date from 1843 to 1908. These letters are written by a number of correspondents and cover a wide range of dates, considering the small number of items. They also cover a wide range of topics including the death of Brother John Orsment, and a missionary tour to Vermont. There is also a letter to the U.S. Government seeking an exemption from bearing arms during the Civil War.

1840-1849 (1 item); 1860-1869 (1 item); 1901-1910 (2 items)

Mount Lebanon: The material was all created between 1919 and 1922. The bulk of the letters were written to Clara Endicott Sears from Eldress M. Catherine Allen. These letters detail Catherine Allen's contributions to the Fruitlands Shaker Museum. They also discuss such details as the sisters relocated to Mount Lebanon after the closing of the Harvard community, Brook Farm, and the Tyringham community. Also included is a series of letters from Josephine Jilson to Miss Sears discussing the Harvard Shaker Cemetery and the relocated sisters. A small number of letters are addressed to Miss Gertrude Sanderson from some of the relocated Harvard sisters. These discuss M. Catherine Allen, Shaker songs, and the departure of Sister Louie Tremper from the Mount Lebanon Community.

1918 (4 items); 1919 ( 16 items); 1920 (3 items); 1921 (8 items); 1922 ( 4 items); 1920-1923 (not specifically dated) (2 items)

Sabbathday Lake: Letters from Prudence Stickney to Miss Clara Endicott Sears dating from 1932 to 1938. Topics discussed include donations to Miss Sears for her Shaker Museum and the children in the Shaker community.

1930-1934 (4 items); 1935-19139 (2 items)

Shirley: These items date between 1868 and 1881. They consist of letters produced by Rose Morse and Olive Chandler. The Rose Morse letters are correspondence between Rose and her friend Susan Wentworth, one of these contains a poem written by Rose. There are also two contracts Rose wrote swearing she will abstain from tea and coffee, and refrain from quarrelling. This series also contains two letters written by Sister Olive Chandler. One of these is to a former pupil.

1860-1869 (2 items); 1870-1879 (3 items); 1881 (1 item); N.D. (1 item)

Watervliet: Two items dating 1824, and 1827. One letter to Grove Blanchard at Harvard discussing the testimonies of Jemima Blanchard. The other is a letter written by Thomas Brown regarding the publication and subscription to History of the Shakers.

1820-1824 (1 item); 1825-1829 (1 item)

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1845 to 1864. Harvard, and Enfield, New Hampshire are the only communities represented.

Enfield, N.H. : A Collection of documents and copies of letters composed by the writer, J.H.E.,
Enfield, NH 1845. Dates range from 1845 to 1850. One volume of letters to and from various correspondents on a variety of subjects. Topics include a narrative of the fire at the senior order of the Society in Enfield, and some essays delivered from heaven. (11.5)

Harvard: Dates. range from 1853-1864.

Volume of Letters, 1853-1856. These were copied by Thomas Hammond into this book. Included are 2 letters from Giles Avery discussing the pre-existence of Christ. Other topics include a trip to Busro, Indiana and the stay there as transcribed for Roxalana Grosvenor. There are remarks from Brother Solomon, and Ruth Johnson, and copies of letters written by Daniel Mosley after his return from the west. Other correspondents include David Darrow, William Leonard, and Joshua Bussell of Alfred. (3.1)

Volume of Letters, 1862-,1864. Copies of letters include a letter written in 1862 by James Prescott to William Leonard describing the troubles at Pleasant Hill Kentucky during the Civil War. Copies of 3 letters from Jeremiah Hacker and many from Eunice Bathrick to Hacker. (5.1)

(SEE V., Harvard, Olive Chandler Journal, 1860 to 1884)


A. ITEMS: One item from the Shirley community dating 1805-1807.

1805-1807 Asa Brocklebank's Daybook. Records comings, goings, work, weather, horticultural accounts, and work cleaning up the Lancaster burial ground. (7.3) [in archival box]

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1791 to 1911. The bulk of the material is from the Harvard community. The only other community represented is Shirley. The John Whiteley materials also contain entries written at Harvard.

Harvard: Dates range from 1791 to 1911. (See also John Whiteley Journals under Shirley.)

1791-1806 Journal and Manifest Record. Contains a list of dates of birth for the original members of the church. Also records gifts to the church. This turns into a daybook. The emphasis is on individual contributions in the founding of the Church. (1.7) available online

1820-1826 Three Daybooks of Joseph Hammond. These record work and daily events. All three books are bound into one volume. (1.10) available online

1828-1838 Harvard Church Family Journal/Daybook. A general journal of the most interesting and important occurrences as taken from the daily journals of different individuals. Kept by the sisters in the church at Harvard. Details comings and goings, and work done. (4.2) available online

1840-1843 Harvard Church Family Daybook. Daily entries, discusses comings and goings, meetings, etc. (2.3) available online

1843-1845 Harvard Church Family Daybook. Daily entries, work, weather, worship, and visits. (4.3)

1843-1848 Shaker Journal. Details comings and goings, visits and visitors. (Charles Lane visit) (2.5)

1845-1847 Harvard Church Family Daybook. Work, weather, worship, and visits. (2.4)

1845-1852 Sisters. Journal. Details of job assignments, and daily doings. (1.11) available online

1859-1880 Shaker Journal. This volume 'contains two Journals. The first dates from 1859 to 1861 and was kept by Alfred Collier. The second dates from 1872 to 1880 and was kept by Susan Channel. The journal begins 1872 when she is demoted from leadership then picks up again in 1879, when she writes on 1/1/1879 "I am 70 to day". (2.2) available online

1860-1884 Olive Chandler Journal. The first half is a record of correspondence dating 1860 to 1867. The remainder of the volume is a daily record dating from 1882 to 1884. (31.1)

1863-1873 Olive Chandler Journal. Daily entries, work, weather, and observations. (31.3)

1867-1876 Journal of the domestic work of the sisters In the Church Family. (2.1)

1893-1911 Shaker Journal. The first part of the volume was kept by Maria Foster. After her death in 1897 Annie L. Walker kept the journal until her death in 1911. The journal records comings, goings, visits, and etc. (3.2)

Shirley: Dates range from 1843 to 1899.

1843-1860 Church Journal. "Kept for the purpose of briefly recording an account of the meetings, gifts of inspiration, and various operations of the spiritual work of God in the Church of Shirley." (6.1, 6.2 typescript available online)

1859-1862 Church Family Daybook. Records work schedules, comings and goings. Kept by Samuel Augustus Burns and tends to focus on farming. (6.4)

1863-1869 Church Family Daybook. Work schedules, comings, and goings, etc. (6.5)

1870-1873 Church Family Daybook. Includes arrivals, departures, and weather. (6.6)

1871-1881 Daybook. Includes comings and goings, work, things bought and sold, plan of a duck pond. Pages 3-5 record purchases and sales 1865-1875. (7.1)

1881 Diary of John Whiteley, a ministry elder in the Harvard-Shirley bishopric. Harvard stays are included. (10.1)

1882 Diary of John Whiteley. Includes Harvard. (10.2)

1882-1894 Daybook and Sisters' Journal. (7.2)

1883 Diary of John Whiteley. Several long stays in Harvard included. (10.3)

1884 Diary of John Whiteley. (10.4)

1885 Diary of John Whiteley. Details of trade and administration. (10.5)

1886 Diary of John Whiteley. Includes travels to New York and trips to Boston and Fitchburg. School committee members and deaths recorded on back pages. (10.6)

1887 Diary of John Whiteley. Work, weather, deaths recorded. (11.1)

1888 Diary of John Whiteley. (11.2)

1895 Diary of John Whiteley. (11.3)

1899 Diary of John Whiteley. (11.4)

2.2 Journal of Alfred Collier, 1859-1861

The second section begins August 29,1872 and is attributed to Susan Chanel and not Eliza Babbit as previously thought. Internal evidence suggests this attribution is incorrect.

The Harvard Shaker Church Record by Thomas Hammond (typescript in black binder) gives Eliza Babbit's date of birth as May 4,1807. The writer of the journal records on Ian. 1, 1879, "I am 70 today." The Church Record gives her date of admittance as April 18, 1820, but on Sept. 21, 1879 she states, "It is 64 years tonight I came to Harvard to live." Neither anniversary fits the record.

Furthermore, on page 166 of the journal, it is clear from the context that the writer is not speaking of herself when she says, "Evening we meet with Lebanon Ministry, and they nominate Eldress Eliza Babbit as Eldress Nancy's successor in the Ministry."


"Daybook kept for the Use & Convenience of the Herb Department by [herbalist] Elisha Myrick," 1850-1852. 128 pp. [ Br. E. M. was born in 1825, signed covenant 1843, and left the Shakers Feb 3, 1859 ]. Call # 9758 My, ID # 599. 04-1


"A Journal of the Domestic Work Performed by the Sisters; In the Church at Harvard Mass. Kept by the Deaconesses." Commencing Dec 1st 1853 . Book No. 4, 1853-1867. 288 pp. 04-1


Eiza Babbit Journal – Office Sister Journal, 1855-1857. Pages not numbered. 04-1


Diary of Elder Grove [Babbitt] Blanchard, 1864. [388 pp.] + 8 undated pp. [Br. G. B. B., 1797-1880, elder for fifty years, he was also a member of the bishopric ministry. 04-1


Diary of Elder Grove Blanchard, 1866-1867. Only 3 days used for 1867! Pages not numbered, printed dates, 1 page/day [378 pp.] Printed on the top cover: "Columbian Diary. 1866." 04-1


John Whitely's Diary, 1867-1869. 04-1



"A Diary of Events Kept by the Elder Sisters Commencing in the year 1875 On the 25th of April"; 1875-1880. 169 stamped pp., writing stops on p. 111. 04-2


"A Theological Epistle addressed to Elder Giles B. Avery of N.Y. by Elder William Leonard [of] Harvard , Mass. 1870"; 190 pp. 04-2


Account book, 1837-1867, 385 pp. Front label states: "Invoice of Purchases & of Sales collected 1866 & after." The spine label states: "Record of bills and purchases." The inside titles are: "Invoice of Goods Bought" (1837, 1851-1852); "Invoice of Goods on Hand" (1854-1855); "Invoice of Stock" (1856-1859); "Record of Purchases" (1860-1863); Tabulation of 1866 "Rec." and "Paid," and 1867, ends on p. 81. Book blank: p. 82-125. From there "Dr.[-awn]" and "Contra": pp. 126-385. In the back: loose "US Internal Revenue. Manufacturer's monthly return." Account of production & value of brooms, canned tomatoes and Tomato Catchup [?] in 1865. Signed by Stephen Goodhue on Jan.4, 1866. [Br. S. G., born in 1797, joined and lived at the South F. from 1846 until he left the Shakers, before 1870] Call # 9784.H3, ID # 367 (and 367a). See also Robert F. W. Meader "Manuscript Indices," Vol. III, for accounts and cash paid out and received, and for items bought. 04-2


Day Book [by Elisha Myrick, herbalist, and others], 1848-1876. 357 numbered pp. On the last, p. 356, a handwritten stamp; " Jan. 15th 1848 Elisha Myrick" (the STARTING DATE of the ms.!) [Br. E. M. was a herbalist for at least 25 yrs, he left the Shakers Feb 3, 1859 .] Index in the front. In the back 2 loose mss., one on scrap-paper. Stamps and receipts pasted throughout the book. Call # 9784.H3, H339, ID # 369. See also Robert F. W. Meader "Manuscript Indices," Vol. III, for items sold and bought. 04-2

A Journal kept by Augustus H. Grosvenor on the Church farm in Harvard, 1838 [1838-1841]. 122 pp. 04-2


John Whitely Shirley Account Book circa 1905. 04-2


Diary of Olive Chandler 1863-1873. 04-2


A. ITEMS: One undated item from the 19th Century. It is the testimony of Anna Perry. The community of origin is (Enfield. CT).


A. ITEMS: Three broadsides dating from the 19th Century.

Harvard: Address by Lorenzo D. Grosvenor at the dedication of the Shaker Mills, Shirley. Broadside, .1851.

Mount Lebanon: Shaker Testimony, the Gospel of the Eternal ( Aionion ) Life, Proclaimed in the Season of Judgement. A.G. Hollister, 1891. Broadside.

Unknown: Our Title Deeds. [n.p. , n.d. ] Broadside printed in 2 columns, originally from the Belfast Star, Ireland. It discusses Judge Theophilus Harrington and his refusal to recognize slaveholders' rights since they had no deed from God.

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1806 to 1885. The bulk of the material was created in the Harvard community.

Harvard: Dates range from 1825 to 1885.

1825-1838 Miscellaneous collection of anecdotes, letters, poems. Many contributed by school children. (5.6, 5.7 typescript)

1827-1852 Benjamin S. Young's Sermons and Discourses. Consists of sermons and discourses given at the Harvard community. Included are addresses by Benjamin Young, Eleazor Wright, and Rufus Bishop of Lebanon. Topics include the appointment of Grove Blanchard as an elder, and an account of a visit from the Canterbury ministry. Some Spirit communications are also included. (15.9)

1844-1855 Lines written for various events by several different individuals. These consist of songs, poems, inspirational writings, and copies of letters, many of which were written on special occasions such as the return or removal of an individual to another Family. (11.6)

1850-1854 This volume of writing was kept by Eunice Bathrick. Included are a poem reflecting on attending Mother Ruth's funeral on June 2, 1850 at New Lebanon, a eulogy by Anna Dodgson, and impressions of Hannah Blake of Canterbury. There is also a spirit message from Mother Ann. (15.8)

1874 Thirty-two essays addresses or sketches. These include an early history of Shakerism and writings by Giles Avery, Calvin Green, and Isaacher Bates. Eunice Bathrick copied these . (5.5)

1884-1885, 1836-1847 Consists of poems, visions, copies of letters, natal day memorials, etc. The bulk of these were written or copied by Olive Chandler, but others are also noted. (15.2)

N. D. A nineteenth century volume of writings" created at Harvard. Includes 55 topics touching the lives of children and the goals of the community for children. Series of essays on values to be taught, behavior to be expected, and goals. These are aimed primarily at boys. (9.1)

Shirley: One volume written by (Mary) Rose Morse.

1869-1877 "A book containing some miserable compositions written by Mary Rosie Morse." Contains poems, prose and essays. Topics include the education of children, equality of women, as well as a tribute to Grove Blanchard, and to her Shaker home. (14.4)

Unidentified Community:

1806, 1844 Handwritten copies of the New Testament Gospels, and a passage from Deuteronomy justifying the copying. The 1844 material is headed Brook Farm and consists of 1/2 page of religious sayings. (9.3)


A. ITEMS: Dates range from 1841 to 1842 and the bulk of the material is from the Shirley community.

Mount Lebanon: A typescript of a spirit message dated 1841. (Location of the original is unknown)

Shirley: The material consists of words of inspiration received by several instruments from a number of spirits. Instruments include Sophia Foster, Ann Godfrey, and William Weatherbee. (5.3) in archival box

1841 (1 item); 1842 (1 item)

B. VOLUMES: 4 volumes from the Harvard Community Dates range from 1842 to 1852.


1842-1843 Inspirational messages. Instruments include Sophia Foster and Eunice Wilds. (5.2)

1840-1853 Nancy Orsment's book. Contains poems, songs, and narratives. But the bulk of the volume is a lengthy passage of spirit messages from Socrates, and some Native Americans. (14.1)

SEE also VII., Harvard, Volumes, 1850-1854, 1827-1852, and 1844-1855.

Shirley: SEE V. , Shirley, Volumes, 1843-1860, Church Journal.

IX. MUSIC back to top

B. VOLUMES -Volumes are arranged chronologically by community. The two numbers consist of the Fruitlands Museum identification number followed by the number assigned by Daniel Patterson in his Checklist of Shaker Song Manuscripts.


1846 " A Collection of Spiritual Songs used by Believers in Christ's Second Appearing." Compiled by Mary Ann Patterson. Includes words, and music, no index. Communities and composers are rarely noted. 16.4/C-3

1868-1874 "Hymns of Believers". Compiled by Mariette Moore. Contains words, and music, index. Communities of origin, composer and date often noted. (restricted use - microfilm use preferred). 16.3/C-2.


1876 Selection of Devotional Melodies. Published and printed hymnal. No composers noted. Includes words, music, and index.

1887 Shaker Anthems and Hymns Arranged for Divine Worship. Printed 'hymnal with Annie Belle Tuttle bookplate. Words and music, no index. Communities of origin noted. 15.7 .

Enfield , N. H.:

1833-1844 Union Band. Words, music, and index. Communities and composer occasionally noted. Restricted handling. 16.2/ENH-10.

1838-1839 A Collection of Hymns and Songs for the Use of Believers. Compiled by Sarah Elkins. Words only, incomplete index. Composers and community not noted. 21.1


l820s-1830s Shaker Music. Words only, index. Composer and community rarely noted. 18.5/HD-45.

1833-n.d. Moses Tenney's Notebook. Compiled by Moses Tenney. The first half consists of instruction for the reading of music. The second half consists of words and music to songs. No index. 21.3/HD-25.

1834-1859 Book 9th of Thomas Hammond. Compiled by Thomas Hammond. Words music, no index. Composer and community of origin regularly noted. 17.3/HO-17.

1835-1841 'Pure Love". Words, music, index. Composer and commun1y often noted. 19.4/HO-55.

1835-1852 'Holy Temple' Verse and music. Composer and community rarely noted. 21.2

1840-1844 Shaker Music. Words, music, no index. Composer and community rarely noted. 18.6/HD-48.

1840s-1860s "Blest Creator'. Compiled by Catherine Hall. Words and music, index. Composer and community occasionally noted. 19.3/HO-52

1840s-1860s Shaker Music. Compiled by Mary McGooden. Words, music, and index. Community and composer often noted. 18.3/HO-34.

1841-1843 "Shining Band." Words, music. Composer and community rarely noted. 19.5/HD-56.

1841,,-1844 "Sayings of Ble55ed Mother Ann". Words, some music, index. Songs received by inspiration are noted. Community occassionally noted. 21.4.

1841-1851 Shaker Music. Compiled by Betsey Martha Hall. Words, some music. no index. Composer and communities occassionally noted. 17.4/HO-13.

1844-1860 "Voyage of Mother Ann Lee'.. Words, some music. Composer and community often noted. 20.1/HD-58.

1845 "A collection of various kinds of songs given for the use of Mother's Children" Compiled by Betsey M. Hall. Words, music, index. Composer and community often noted . 17.2/HD12.

1845 "A collection of songs, hymns, and anthems" Compiled by Maria Foster. Music, verse, and index. Composer and community occassionly noted. 17.1/HD-11.

1847-1868 Shaker Music. Words, and music. Composer and community occassionly noted. 18.2/HD-42.

1850-1857 "House of Prayer" Words, index. No music. Composer and community often noted. 18.4/HD-43.

1851-1880 "Hymns, Songs, and Anthems". Compiled by Margaret McGooden, Olive Chandler, and Lorenzo Prouty. Words, music, index. Composer and community often noted. 16.1/HD-9.

1851-1874 "Invocation and Retrospection". No music. Words, and index.[1845-1851] 15.3

1852-1856 Shaker Hymns. Compiled by Nancy Fairbanks. Words, index, no music. Community occasionally noted. 15.1/HD-43.

1855 Shaker Music. Compiled by Newcomb Green and Margaret McGooden. Words, music, index. This is a copy of 17.5/HD-22 with an addition of 2 songs. 17. 6/HD-21.

1855 Shaker Music. Compiled by Margaret McGooden. Words, music, index. Composer and community occasionally noted. 17.5/HD-22.

1856-1868 Shaker Music. Music, words. The bulk of the works are from the Harvard community. Composer and community occasionally noted. 18.1/HD-32.

1860-1865 "Only Just Across the River". Music, words. Composer and communities often noted. 19.2/HD-49.

1862-1886 Hymn Volume. Words, index, no music. 14.3

Shirley: Dates range from 1844 to 1899.

1844-1850 "Voice of Mother Ann Lee". Compiled by Susan Wentworth. Words, no music. Composer and community occasionally noted. 20.3

1851-1858 "A song of Prayer and Praise" Words, music, and an index. Composer and community often noted. 20.2/SH-7.

1865-1869 Hymns. Compiled by Mary Rose Morse. Words. index, no music. Composer and community often noted. 20.5

1876-1899 Book of Shaker Music. Compiled by Mary Rose Morse and Susan J. Wentworth. Words, index, no music. 14.5.

Unidentified :

1850s-1860s Letteral Songs and News Clippings. Originated as a Shaker Hymnal, and was reused as a scrapbook. The last sixty: pages contain words, and some music. (15.4)

1863-1864. "Heavenly Land". Compiled by Lane H. Cregor. Words, music, no index. Composer and community often noted. 20.4

X. POETRY back to top

A. ITEMS: Date range is the late 19th century. Only the Harvard and Shirley communities are represented.

Harvard: An undated Christmas poem and acrostic written by Annie L. Walker.

Shirley: Two poems written by Mary Rose Morse. (Another poem by Rose Morse is included in the Correspondence series.) Also included is an acrostic poem by Rose Morse written to Lorenzo D. Prouty.

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1869 to 1880. All items were produced in the Shirley community by Mary Rose Morse.


1874-1880 Volume of poetry written by Mary Rose Morse. The frontpiece is handpainted and dated 1880. Includes one tract of prose entitled "Influence." (19.1)

1869-1877 "A Book containing some miserable compositions written by Mary Rose Morse." Poetry and prose. (14.4)


Folders: none

Volumes: Dates range from 1822-1850.

Harvard Community:

1822-1842 Book of Prescriptions. Topics include the laying down, preserving, and curing of butter. (1.5, 1.6 typescript)

1830-1840 Book of Prescriptions. Recipes for dying, coloring, whitening. also recipes for varnishes and paint oils, some food recipes, and a few weaving drafts. (1.3. 1.4 typescript)

Shirley Community:

1840-1850 Recipe Book. Recipes for various pills, elixirs, cough drops and hair dyes. (8.5)


Folders: none

Volumes :

Harvard Community:

1859-1862 Thirty-six pages of catechism-1ike, text from which a child received religious instruction. Produced by the Harvard North Family. (5.8)

XIII. SCRAPBOOKS back to top

A. ITEMS: None.

B. VOLUMES: Dates range from 1834 to 1868.

Harvard: Dates range from 1834 to 1868.

1834-1859 Book 9th of Thomas Hamond. 101 pages. The first 75 pages contain verse and music to Shaker songs (SEE MUSIC). The remaining pages consist of excerpts from periodicals copied out by Hammond. These include quotes from Governor Banks' Thanksgiving Proclamation, the death of a Worcester City marshal, agricultural news, recipe for dandruff shampoo, etc. Also a large excerpt of Reverend Henry Ward Beecher's address on Fraternity given in November 1858. (17.3)

1854-1865 "A Selection of Poetry. Interesting anecdotes and items of Various Kinds. Ancient and Modern Laws and Customs. Accounts of Natural Curiosities. Etc." Recorded by Eunice Bathrick. A wide range of topics are covered. e.g. Chinese physicians. microscopic plants, frozen fish, mermaids, etc. (15.5)

1866-1868 Scrapbook of Clippings. Compiled by Thomas Hammond. 185 pages. Clippings of Carleton's (the foreign correspondent of the Boston Journal} tour in Europe and England. (14.2)

Unidentified: Dates are circa 1850s and 1860s.

1850s-1860s Letteral Songs and Newsclippings. 210 pages. (Also cataloged as MUSIC). Originated as a Shaker Hymnal and was recycled into a scrapbook. 156 pages of newsclippings pasted over the original hymnal. The clippings cover a wide variety of topics: Abe Lincoln in Spain, how to make cream cheese. poems. William Alcott's death, how to prevent a divorce, etc. (15.4)




The Shaker 1871-1876

The Shaker Manifesto 1878-1899

The Shaker Quarterly 1961-71

Books by Shakers back to top

Alfred. Maine Community. Catalog of Fancy Good, 1908.

Allen, Catherine. Biographical Sketch of DanielFraser of The Shaker Community ofMt. Lebanon, 1890.

Shaker Life & Ideals: Address before the International Council of Women (c. 1900)

The Questions of the Day. Mt. Lebanon, 1888.

The Mirror of Truth: A Vision. Mt. Lebanon, no date.

A Full Century of Communism, The History of the Alethians formally called the Shakers. Mt. Lebanon, no date.

Anderson, Martha J. Social Life and Vegetarianism. Mt. Lebanon, 1897.

Atherton, Simon T. Catalogue of Herbs, Roots, Barks, Powdered Articles, etc. Harvard. 1868 & 1873.

Leckler, W.A. Catalogue of Medicinal Plants, Roots, Seeds, Flowers, and Select Powders. New Lebanon, no date.

Parker, David The Shaker Manual (incomplete) Shaker Village Merrirnack County. N.H.. 1853.

Avery, Giles B. Sketches of Shakers and Shakerism, 1883.

Autobiography, Mt. Lebanon, N.Y., 1890.

Barker. Sister Mildred Holy Land: A History of the Alfred Shakers. 1893.

Poems and Prayers, Sabbathday Lake. 1983.

Bates. Sister Paulina. The Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom, Revealing the Word of God. Canterbury. N.H.. 1849.

Blinn, Henry C. A Christian Community. East Canterbury, N.H. no date.

Advent of the Christ in Man and Woman. no date-

What Shall I Do to Become a Shaker? no date-

The Life and Gospel Experience of Mother Ann Lee. Canterbury, N.H. no date-

Gentle Manners, A Guide to Good Morals, East Canterbury, N.H. 1823.

Dew Drops. 1852.

Spiritualism Among the Shakers, East Canterbury. 1899.

Bear, H.B. A Scientific Demonstration of the Prophecies of Daniel and St. John. No date-

A Scientific Demonstration of Theology, Prophecy and Revelation, 1900.

A Collection of the Millenial Hymns Adapted to the Present Order of the Church, Canterbury, N.H., 1847.

Sacred Repository of Anthems and Hymns for Devotional Worship and Praise, Canterbury. N.H. 1852.

Shaker Music, Original Inspirational Hymns and Songs Illustrative of the Resurrection Life and Testimony of the Shakers, Mt. Lebanon, N. Y., 1884.

In Memoriam, Elder Henry C. Blinn, 1824-1905. 1905

Brown, Grace Ada. Song and Story. Pittsfield. 1902.

Under the Sheet: A Recital of Facts.

Bushnell. Richard A Suggestion.

Bryant, John. A Memorial Remonstrating Against a Certain Act of The Legislature of Kentucky.

Canterbury Shakers. Shaker Hymnal. East Caterbury, N.H. 1906.

Canterbury Shakers. A Brief Account of Shakers and Shakerism. Canterbury, N.H. 1850?

Canterbury Shakers. Shaker Church Covenant, 1889.

Canterbury Shakers. The Story of Shakerism, 1910, 1936 & 1939.

Carr, Mary Francis. The Peaceful Life of the Shakers, no date.

Life Among the Shakers.

New Lebanon Shakers. The Youth 's Guide in Zion and Holy Mother 's Promises. , 1842.

Canterbury Shakers, A Collection of Hymns and Anthems Adapted to Public Worship. East Canterbury, N.H., 1892.

Davis, A.B. True Love: What it is and what it is not. Shaker Tracts for the Times, No.1. Shirley, Mass., 1869.

Doolittle, Mary Antoinette. Autobiography prior to Becoming a Member of the Shaker Community at New Lebanon, N.Y. in the Year 1824. 1880.

Doolittle, Antoinette. Affectionately Inscribed to the Memory of Eldress Doolittle by her Loving and Devoted Gospel Friends, Albany, 1887.

Dunlavy, John. The Manifesto or A Declaration of the Doctrine and Practice of the Church of Christ. 1847.

Plain Evidences, by Which the Nature and Character of the True Church of Christ May Be Known and Distinguished From All Others, Taken From a Work Entitled "The Manifesto. " 1834.

Eads, Elder H. L. Shaker Sermons: Scripto-Rational. Containing the Substance of Theology. 1879. Affectionately lnscribed to the Memory of Eldress Dorothy A. Durgin and Eldress J.J. Kaime by their Grateful People, Brethern, and Sisters, East Canterbury, N.H.

Evans, F. W. Shakers. Compendium of the Origin, History, Principles, Rules and Regulations,

Government, and Doctrines of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing with Biographies of Ann Lee.1859.

Treatise on Shaker Theology.

Who is Ann Lee? What Evidence is There That She is the 2nd Messiah. 1889.

Original Ideas. no date.

Shakers' Sabbath, Composed of Seven Days. no date- .

A. Suggestion. no date-

Speaking Shakerism. no date.

Social Gathering Dialogue Between Six Sisters of the North Family, Mt. Lebanon, 1873.

The Shaker System and A Lecture. Mt. Lebanon, 1877.

Religious Communism. 1871.

Our Centennial; The Other Side. 1889.

Shakersim, the Possibility of Race. 1872. .Shaker Essay. No date-

Resurrection. No date-

Egyptian Sphinx. No date-

God is God. No date.

Proposed Memorial to the Late Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, no date.

Robert G. Ingersoll, For 1892. No date.

Shaker-Russion Correspondence with Count Leo Tolstoy. 1891.

Shaker Sermon. No date-

Shakerism in London, 1887.

Short Treatise on the Second Appearing of Christ. 1852.

Shaking the Old Creation, 1889.

The Shaker Mission to England. 1887.

Obituary. Rufus Crossman and Why Am I a Christian? 1891.

Lecture, Delivered in Taylor's Hall, Amenia, N.Y. No date-

Sabbaths vs. The People, 1892.

Russian Famine. A Shaker Protest Against Closing the World's Fair on Sunday. 1891.

The Conditions of Peace. 1891.

Shaker Reconstruction of the American Government. 1888.

New England Witchcraft and Spiritualism. No date.

Liberalism, Spiritualism and Shakerism. No date-

Sabbath. No date.

Shaker Views and Reviews. No date.

The Country: A New Earth and New Heavens, no date.

Liberty of Conscience, 1890.

Questions About Shakerism, 1888.

Autobiography of a Shaker, and Revelation of The Apocalypse. 1869.

Tests of Divine Inspiration. New Lebanon. 1853.

Immortalized: Elder Frederic W Evans. 1893.

Green, Calvin and Seth Wells. Summary View of the Millennial Church. 1823.

Fairbanks, Marila. A Handwritten Shaker Spirit Message. 1842. Facsimile Reproduction.

Fraser, Daniel. Analysis of Hurntm Society. No date.

The Present Truth for the Honest Inquirer. 1885.

The Witness of Daniel Fraser. No date.

and John Whitely. The Divine Afflatus: A Force in History. Shirley, 1815.

The Divinity of Humanity, the Corner-Stone of the Temple of the Future. 1814.

Grosvenor, L.D. Circular Letter in Defense of the United Society of Believers, Harvard, 1849.

A Concise Answer to the Inquiry, Who or What Are the Shakers? 1849.

Green. Calvin. The Law of Life. Extract from a Writing. Mt. Lebanon. N.Y., 1841.

Brief Exposition of the Established Principles of the Believers in Christ's Second Appearance (Commonly Called the Shakers). Watervliet, Ohio, 1832.

Brief Exposition of the Established Principles of the Shakers. 1834 1850, 1819.

Haskell, Russel. A Musical Expositor: or Treatise on the Rules and Elements of Music. Enfield, Conn., 1847. [There is no indication that this book is by a Shaker.]

Hogdon, C.C. Hogdon Life and Manner of Living Among the Shakers. 1838.

Hollister, A.G., and C. Green. Pearly Gate of the True Life and Doctrine for Believers in Christ. Part I. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y., 1894 and 1898.

Hollister, A.G. Pearly Gate of the True Doctrine for Believers in Christ, Part II. 1900. Hollister, AG. Pearly Gate, Part III, Baptism. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y. 1904.

Interpreting Prophecy and the Appearing of Christ. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y. 1892.

The Coming of Christ.

Mission of Alethian Believers, Called Shakers. Mt. Lebanon, N. Y. 1892-1899.

Christ the Way. The Word of God Abides Forever.

Shaker View of Marriage.

Christ the Harvester.

and LaFume, J., Medium (Albany, 1842). Calvin's Confession, and Dawn of Women 's Era. Lebanon, N. Y.. 1904.

and William Leonard, Medium (Harvard, 1841 ). The Inner Life Reveald of Jesus Anointed and of Ann The Word. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y. 1903.

Synopsis of Doctrine Taught By Believers in Christ's Second Appearing. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y., 1893-1902.

Divine Judgment. Justice and Mercy. A Revelation of the Great White Throne. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y., 1895.

Knight, Jane. D. Events Touching Various Reforms by Jane D. Knight, Who Was Readed in the Society of Friends, and United with the Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. in the Year 1826, in the Twenty-Second Year of Her Age. 1880.

LaFume. J. Calvin's Confession. 1842.

Lamson. David R. Two Year 's Experience Among the Shakers. 1848.

Leonard, Wm. A Discourse on the Order and Propriety of Divine Inspiration and Revelation. Also, A Discourse on the Second Appearing ofChrist. Also, A Discourse on the Propriety and Necessity of United Inheritance in All Things. Harvard, 1853.

Leslie, Jonathan. The Shakers, in Niles Register, Sept. 21. 1822

Lomas, Geo. Albert. The Life of Christ Is the End of the World. Albany. 1869.

Mace. Aurelia. The Aletheia: Spirit of Truth. A Series of Letters in Which the Principles of the United Society Known As the Shakers Are Set Forth and Illustrated. Sabbathday Lake. 1899.

In Memoriam: Sister Aurelia G. Mace. Sabbathday Lake. 1910.

Mace. Fayette. Familiar Dialogues on Shakerism. In Which the Principles of the United Society Are Illustrated and Defended. 1838.

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M.Nemar. Richard. The Kentucky Revival,. or, A Short History of the Late Extraordinary Outpouring of the Spirit of God in the Western States of America. 1808 and 1846.

A Selection of Hymns and Poems,. For the Use of Believers. Watervliet. Ohio. 1833.

The Other Side of the Question. 1819.

Meacham. Joseph. The Principle of the Only True Church of Christ. Canterbury. N.H.. 1847.

Mt. Lebanon Shakers. Original Shaker Music Published by the North Family of Mt. Lebanon, N.Y. 1893.

Products of Intelligence and Diligence. Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.. no date.

Only Arisen: In Memoriam Elderess Eliza Ann Taylor and Sister Martha J. Anderson. Mt. Lebanon. N. V. 1897.

Supplementary Rules of the Shaker Community. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y.. 1894.

Authorized Rules of the Shaker Community. Mt. Lebanon. N. V.. 1894.

Present Day Shakerism. North Family. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y. No date.

New Lebanon Shakers. A Declaration of the Society of People Commonly Called Shakers Shewing Their Reasons For Refusing to Aid or Abet the Cause of War and Bloodshed By Bearing Arms, Paying Fines, Hiring Substitutes, or Rendering Any Equivalent for Military Service. 1815.

New York. State of. Report of the Select Committee on the Subject of Shakers. 1849 #198.

Shakers. Shaker Music. Inspirational Hymns and Melodies Illustrative of the Resurrection Life and Testimony of the Shakers. 1875.

Shakers. Testimonies of the Life, Character, Revelations, and Doctrines of Mother Ann Lee and The Elders with Her. 1888.

Shakers. Original Shaker Music, Published by the North Family of Mt. Lebanon, Col. Co., N.Y. 1893.

Shakers. Part I. A Closing Roll From Holy and Eternal Wisdom, Mother Ann, Father William and Father James to the Children of Zion. Part II: A Sacred Covenant of our Heavenly Parents. New Lebanon. 1841.

Myrick. E. The Celibate Shaker Life. No date.

Vincent. Henry. The Story of the Shakers and Some of Their Favorite Cooking Recipes. 1882.

Shaker Tracts, No.1. Henry Vincent's Visit to Mt. Lebanon. 1868.

Oldschool. Oliver. The Portfolio: History of the Shakers. 1812.

OfIord. Daniel. Seven Travails of the Shaker Church. No date.

Pelham. R. W. The Shaker's Answer to a Letter From an Inquirer. Union Village. Ohio. 1868.

Shakers: A Correspondence Between Mary F. C. of Mount Holly City, and A Shaker Sister, Sarah L. of Union Village. Union Village. Ohio. 1868.

A Shaker Answer to II What Would Become of the World if A 11 Should Become Shakers ? " Shirley. Mass.. 1874.

Youngs. Issac. Shaker Rules of Music 1843 and 1846. , New Lebanon.

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Sears. C.E. Shakers. The Duality of the Deity or God as Father and Mother. 1867.

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Catalog of Fancy Goods, Sabbathday Lake, Maine Shakers. 1910.

Shaker Poems. 1935. .a .The American Shaker [postal Card]. no date.

Sampson, Proctor. The Remains of Joseph A.H. Sampson, Who Died at New-Lebanon 12 Mo. 14, 1825, Aged 20 Years. New Lebanon. 1827.

Schott, Rev. John. Our Shaker Heritage. Shaker Heights, Ohio, 1949.

Shakers, The American Shakers: A Celibate Religious Community. No date.

Stewart, Philemon. A Holy, Sacred and Divine Roll and Book,. From The Lord God of Heaven, to Inhabitants of Earth. In Two Parts. Canterbury, N.H., 1843.

Taylor, Leila S. A Memorial to Eldress Anna White and Elder Daniel Offord. North Family, Mt. Lebanon. N. Y., 1912.

Union Village Shakers. A Concise Answer to the Inquiry, Who or What Are the Shakers? 1825.

Watervliet, N. Y. Shakers. A Revelation of the Extraordinary Visitation of Departed Spirits of Distinguished .Men and Women of All Nations, and Their Manifestation Through the Living Bodies of the "Shakers. " 1869.

Shakers. Testimonies Concerning The Character and Ministry of Mother Ann Lee and the First Witnesses of the Gospel of Christ's Second Appearing. 1827.

Mt. Lebanon. N. Y. Shakers. An Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of the Shakers' Chairs, Foot Benches, Moor Mats, Etc. Manufactured and Sold by the Shakers at Mt. Lebanon, Columbia Co., N.Y. 1874.

Wells, Seth Y. A Brief Illustration of the Principles of War and Peace. New Lebanon, 1831.

Millennial Praises, Containing A Collection of Gospel Hymns in Four Parts,. Adapted to the Day of Christ's Second Appearing. Hancock, 1813.

Thomas Brown and His Pretended History of Shakers. 1823.

White, Anna, and Leila S. Taylor. Shakerism. Its Meaning and Message. North Family, Mt. Lebanon, N. Y., 1904.

White, Anna. Mount Lebanon Cedar Boughs,. Original Poems by the North Family of Shakers. 1895. Whitcher, Mary. Mary Whitcher's Shaker House-Keeping. 1882.

White, Anna. The Motherhood of God. Mt. Lebanon. N. Y., no date-

Voices from Mt. Lebanon. No date.

Whitely, John, and Daniel Fraser. The Divine Afflatus: A Force in History. Shirley, 1875.

Wilhite, Abram. Account of Some of the Proceedings of the Legislatures of the States of Kentucky and New Hampshire, 1828 Etc. in Relation to the People Called Shakers. 1846.

Wickersham, George M. How I Came to Be a Shaker. Mt. Lebanon, NY, 1891.

Woods, Joseph. The Christian. Canterbury, N.H. No date.

Wright, Mother Lucy. The Gospel Monitor. A Little Book of Mother Ann 's Word to Those Who Are Placed as Instructors and Care-takers of Children. Canterbury, N.H., 1843..

Youngs, Benjamin Seth. The Testimony of Christ 's Second Appearing Containing a General Statement of All Things Pertaining to the Faith and Practice of the Church of God in this Latter Day. {Also called the Shaker Bible.] Union Village, Ohio, 1808 and 1823.

Youngs, Benjamin Seth. Transactions of the Ohio Mob Called in the Public Papers in Expedition Against the Shakers. Union Village, Ohio, 1810.

Shakers. Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing, Exemplified by the Principles and Practice of the True Church of Christ. History of the Millennial Church. Fourth Edition. 1856.

Selected Books About Shakers back to top

Adams, Hannah. An Alphabetical Compendium of the Various Sects Which Have Appeared in the World From the Beginning of the Christian Era to the Present Day. 1784.

Brown, Thomas. An Account of the People Called Shakers: Their Faith, Doctrines, and Practice, Exemplified in the Life Conversations, and Experience of the Author During the Time He Belonged to the Society. 1812.

Curtis, George William. Visit to the Shakers. in Harpers Mag. Apri11864.

Dyer, Joseph. A Compendious Narrative Elucidating the Character, Disposition, and Conduct of Mary Dyer, From the Time of Her Marriage in 1799, Till She Left the Society Called Shakers, in 1815. 1819

Dyer, Mary. A Portraiture of Shakerism, Exhibiting a General View of Their Character and Conduct, from the First Appearance of Ann Lee in New England Down to the Present Time. 1822.

Dyer, Mary. Reply to the Shakers' Statements Called "Review of the Portraiture of Shakerism " With An Account of the Sickness and Death of Betsy Dyer, A Sketch of a Journey of the Author, and Testimonies of Various Persons. 1824.

Dyer, Mary. The Rise and Progress of the Serpent From the Garden of Eden to the Present Day, With a Disclosure of Shakerism, Exhibiting a General View of Their Real Character and Conduct From the First Appearance of Ann Lee. Also The Life and Sufferings of the Author, Who Was Mary Dyer But Now Is Mary Marshall. 1847.

Dyer, Mary. Broadside to the Public in Defense of Mary Dyer. New Lebanon, 1826.

Greeley, H. A Sabbath With the Shakers, in Knickerbocker Magazine, June 1838.

Lossing, B.J. The Shakers, in Harpers Magazine, July 1857.

Silliman, Benjamin. Peculiarities of the Shakers, Described in a Series of Letters From Lebanon Springs, In the Year 1832. 1832.

Thompson, D.P. The Shaker Lovers, Or Virtue and Innocence Triumphant. 1849.