School Outreach Programs at Fruitlands


Beans, Bones, Bark, and Buffalo

Grades 1 through 4

Based on Fruitlands Native American collection, this program offers an overview of four culture areas: Northeast, Plains, Southwest and North Coast. Using genuine artifacts and modern reproductions, students will learn how each native group fulfilled basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing with materials found in their own environment.

- Interactive overview of each cultural area led by Fruitlands interpreters.

- Historic artifacts are featured.

- Ideal for students in grades 2 and 3.


Digging History: An Introduction to Archaeology

Grades 4 through 6

Based on a real archaeological dig at Fruitlands Museum, this program allows students to learn about archaeology and the history of Massachusetts.

- Introduction to the science of archaeology.

- Students participate in a mock archaeological dig in the classroom. Students will uncover real and replica artifacts that represent the actual finds from the dig at Fruitlands.

- Ideal for students in grades 4,5, and 6.

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